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Barrow upon Soar in Photographs by F. Kevon Thompson


The idea of this work came to me after seeing the two excellent volumes of 'Bygone Loughborough in Photographs' which appeared in the 1970s. Unfortunately, the idea came many years too late. With minor exceptions, the map of the village in 1945 was much the same as it had been for 30 years previously. When World War II ended in 1945, the map began to change - slowly at first, beginning with the council development of Brook Lane. By the 1950s, the building of the new private estates was well under way. The 1945 map was changed out of all recognition as a glance at the two maps included here will show.

It is with regret therefore that I did not commence this work when I first became interested in photography at the age of 16 in 1951. As it is, the only pre - 1970 photographs I am able to include are those which other residents happen to have and have kindly allowed me to copy. The process of coping from a print is far from satisfactory compared with the production of photographs direct from negatives.
Among the residents of any town or village, there is often a wealth of knowledge of local history. Unfortunately, much of this is lost as people move away or die. Recent events are of course recorded in the local newspapers. However, I feel that verbal and pictorial records of items of general interest should be kept together so that in the future, they are easily accessible. Richard Bennett's admirable book 'A Short History of Barrow-on-Soar' covers this up to the 1930s.
I am neither a literary expert nor a historian, I am also a photographer only in the amateur sense. However, as it is my wish to contribute some record of the village. I offer this collection of photographs.
The intention is to show as many aspects of the village as possible - not just picturesque views. It is also my intention to present an impersonal collection but I have taken the liberty of including a few photographs which are of particular interest to me or my family.

F. Kevon Thompson. December 1978.

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The compiler wishes to thank the following people who loaned photographs to be copied for inclusion in this collection:

Mr S.Cook, Mr O.Gamble, Mr F.J.Thompson, Mr M.Hall, Mrs M.Pannell, Mr H.Mitchell, Mr C.East, Mrs M.Lewin, Miss L.Brookes, Mrs P.Smart, Mrs C.Hand, Mrs Bakewell, Mr C,Sharp, Mrs A.Childs, Mrs Horne, Mr J.Lineker, Mrs E.Hicking, Mrs Housely, Miss E.Oswin, Mrs Green, Mrs E.Buck, Mrs J.Snelling, Mr A.Branston, Mrs Martin, Mrs N.Clarke, Mrs M.Condon, Mrs D.Heaps, Mrs M.Davis, Mrs M.A.Smith, Mrs M.Wilford, Mr C.Tipping, Mrs E.Horne, Mr R.Kendrick, Mrs P.Blythe, Mr P.Graham, Mr A, Stark, Mr E.Barnes, Mrs Housely, Mrs E.Dudley, Mrs G.Pepper, Mrs B.Hollis, Mr & Mrs W.Baguley, Mrs G.Newby

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