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Parish Plan Section B3 - Community

B.3 Community.

44. Second only to traffic congestion as a complaint, is a lack of activities for teenagers (B.1). Only 11% think they are “very good” or “fairly good” although 40% say they “don’t know”. This may link to the widespread worry about groups of young people hanging about on the streets and in the parks at night (D.1 – D.3) and the support expressed for a new sports building (G.8) as a place for young people. Note that the youth club that used to operate at Humphrey Perkins was closed earlier this year.

45. Against this should be set a perception of good racial harmony (63%, B.1) and that Barrow offers a good range of community activities (59%, B.1). The vast majority (78%, B.2) say that they feel a sense of involvement in or belonging to the community in Barrow with a fair number saying that they would be more involved if work was not so demanding (B.3). However, some (newcomers?) find it difficult to break in to ongoing activities and some suggested the need for a ‘buddy’ system of volunteers to help newcomers get involved. This may be worth thinking about in the light of the new Willow Way estate and the expected influx of hundreds of new families?

46. Barrow has a considerable number of clubs and societies which many people join or want to join (G.1 – G.4) (we will list these separately). There is no shortage of things to do and many more have been suggested (eg a canal boat festival, G.7). What is lacking, to some extent, is a good information service about “What’s On?”. 55% say they are very well informed about what’s on in Barrow (G.5) but 34% say they want more information.

47. 43% think that the activities organised by or for senior citizens are good (B,1) with the Bishop Beveridge Club receiving several favourable mentions. That still leaves about 10% saying that the provisions are “very poor”. We did not delve into this more deeply.

48. Over half of respondents (59%), say they have a religious affiliation (K.1): 42% CofE, 7% Methodist, 7% Roman Catholic, 5% Baptist and 3% “other”. 53% say they have attended a religious service in the past 12 months (K.4) and most are willing to see the church buildings used for secular purposes for the benefit of the community generally (K.5). This should be noted in the debate which may ensue about the need for new social facilities.

49. The provision of arts and cultural activities in Barrow is not bad (eg 36% agree, B.1) with several recent events being cited as much appreciated (eg the sundial in the Millennium Park) but such things always divide a community with some people very much in favour and some very much against (eg one person singled out the new sundial as particularly ugly and said that it should be pulled down!). As might be expected, some people (2%) think that money should be spent on other things than public art (E.1 and E.2). They are “not bothered” about public art. One thinks of similar objections raised about the ‘sockman’ sculpture in Loughborough. By the same token, the suggestions made for performing arts (E.3 and E.4) elicit a strong response from some and indifference from most. We do not interpret this as meaning that concerts, plays, etc should not be organised - they are part of what makes Barrow attractive as a place to live - but nor should one fool oneself into thinking that such performances will attract large audiences. Of the sorts of events explored in the questionnaire, only the ‘Proms in the Park’ with fireworks attracts a strong positive rating.


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