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Traffic Action Group - Meeting 16th January 2007


Barrow upon Soar Traffic Action Group

Meeting to be held on Tuesday 16th January 2007 at 7.30 p.m. at the Bishop Beveridge club on South Street


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of previous meeting – 21 November 2006

3. Matters arising from minutes

4. Feedback form Parish Council

5. Community Speed Watch

6. Map and Top Ten Issues

7. Funds

8. Advertising the Group

9. A.O.B.

10. Next meeting



Meeting Tuesday 16th January 2007
Bishop Beveridge Club - 7.30 p.m.


C. Gilchrist D. Yates D. Smith 
S. Hobbs I. Knowles V. Brown
C.Shepherd J. Hardy R. Woodhouse T.Kershaw R. Moorhouse
L. Bell (Parish Council) D. Norton 
N. Ritchie (Community Officer) S. Penney (Community Officer)
W. Woodhouse (chair and minutes)

Wendy opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

1. Apologies:

M. White B. Henman K. Pepper
E. Dring J. Tindle M. Tansey

2. Minutes of the previous meeting:

The minutes for the meeting held on 21st November 2006 were agreed.

3. Matters arising from minutes:

• Tony Kershaw agreed to try to obtain figures from the mobile speed cameras on Sileby Road – Tony is still trying to get this information. Lesley had a copy of a letter sent to the Parish Council, who had also asked for the information. The letter is from the Road Safety Unit of Leicestershire Constabulary. The letter states “The Safety Camera Scheme does not supply information regarding specific sites and this has always been the case.” Non specific site information gives details of reduction in accidents within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as follows – Killed or seriously injured (KSI) 44.37% reduction against the 2010/2011 National target of 40%, Child (KSI) 60.49% reduction against the 2010/2011 National target of 50%, Slight casualties 34.87% reduction against the 2010/2011 National target of 10%. It goes on to say “Looking more locally within your area we have shown a reduction of all casualties of 83.3%” The group wonders how they can give more localised figures when they say the data held is not site specific? The feeling was that we should still try to obtain figures specific to the Sileby Road project in Barrow. Nigel will also try to get the information. Wendy to write to the Road Safety Unit manager and also ask Mike Wilson if he can help.

• Mike Wilson agreed to ascertain what the legislation was regarding warning signs for speed limits on approach roads to villages – Still outstanding.

• Brian to ask the Parish Council to consider recommending the bollards on South Street/Melton road removal, a no right turn sign into Melton Road and traffic redirected to the island – on the agenda at item 4.

• Business plan – still outstanding.

• Wendy to find out who to write to about the continuation of the by-pass – on the agenda at item 4.

• Wendy to find out what is the protocol for taking issues forward – on the agenda at item 4.

• Wendy to ask Nigel for a definition of illegal parking and whether the group can influence the time and place for the future exercise – Nigel agreed that parking on double yellow lines, on and near the crossings and on the pavement are all illegal. However it is policy that cars will be moved on and drivers not prosecuted as the important thing is to keep the traffic flowing and reduce congestion. It is sometimes better to park on the pavement so long as there is no danger to pedestrians; again this is seen as being better for the flow of the traffic. Nigel explained that when an exercise is undertaken drivers see him in uniform and tend not to park illegally while he is around. There was a lively discussion, the majority present felt there should be a period of zero tolerance. Nigel explained that he could not make such a decision and that if the group wanted a consideration of policy change we need to contact Inspector Gallop at Quorn station – soon to be relocated in Syston. Wendy to write giving the views of the Group.

• Wendy to ascertain details about all traffic accidents in the village in the last 5 years – This information is not held by the Parish Council. The contact is possibly Mick Bradford at Leicestershire County Council. Wendy to write to him.

• Wendy to try to find details about a petition which took place several years ago, in the round house, about traffic lights at the junction of Grove Lane and Sileby Road – on the agenda at item 4.

• Wendy to ask the Parish Council if we can have a copy of the minutes of the Parish Council meeting on – minutes can be viewed on the Parish Council website.

• Wendy to find out whether the village has a local transport plan and whether a community Street audit had been done – on agenda at item 4.

• Community Speedwatch - Debbie Smith and Roger Woodhouse volunteered to act as co-ordinator and deputy co-ordinator. They will discuss what action needs to be taken and will contact Mike in the New Year. On agenda at item 5.

• Map and Top Ten Issues, we are still unable to take this forward until we have a suitable map. Everyone will try to come up with a source. On agenda at item 6.

• The issue of drivers and the use of mobile phones. Nigel will contact the Constabulary Publicity for leaflets and posters to raise awareness. It was asked if members of the public reported drivers to the police what action would be taken. The police would probably visit the driver and offer advice; if several reports were received for the same driver further action would probably be taken.

• We have not yet opened a bank account – on agenda at item 7.

• Mark has been informed that there will be an open forum for all the groups formed following the Parish Plan sometime next year. This will be an opportunity to promote the group and discuss overlapping issues with other groups. It will also be open to villagers. Mark will try to obtain further information. – Still outstanding.

• The flooding of Slash Lane was discussed, this was raised by a large number of residents who completed the Parish Plan questionnaire but does not seem to have been picked up anywhere. The feedback on the Parish Plan is that this is long term, little can be done and the Parish Council is not involved, but the group feels that is not satisfactory as so many people in the village found it an issue. Wendy will write to the Parish Council to see if anything can be done and to check whether the Traffic Action Group is the appropriate forum. On the agenda at item 4.

4. Feedback from Parish Council:

Wendy had attended a Parish Council meeting on 5th December 2006, to give feedback about the Group’s activities and to ask some questions.

Re the bollards on South Street/Melton Road – this will need to be considered at a full council meeting, we need to write to the Council.

Who to contact regarding the continuation of the Bypass – Mathew LUGG, Director of highways at County Hall.

What is the protocol for taking things forward – depends on the issue. Most matters will be the County Council Highways; the Parish Council may be able to identify who in specific cases. The Parish Council felt some issues will be better raised by the Group who will have more clout. The Parish Council need to know what we are doing and will add their support as appropriate.

Re the petition about traffic lights at the junction of Sileby Road and Grove Lane, no details are held by the Parish Council; Lesley will ask around and see if she can find some information.

Has a local transport plan and/or a street audit been done – not specifically but there is a Leicestershire Local Transport Plan held by the Parish Council, Wendy will look at it to see if there is anything specific to Barrow. The highways Inspector carries out regular walking inspections – Kev Davie 01509 622111, – Wendy to contact him.

The Parish Council will write to the Borough Council and Highways Department as soon as it is known the first property on the Willow Way development has been occupied.

The Parish Council have also agreed that the Group should be part of the consultation process when the reports for traffic calming on Cotes Road and Nottingham Road are received.

Re a pedestrian crossing on South Street – the Parish Council has received another request and this will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting to be held in February.

Re the flooding of Slash Lane – this is a County Council matter that has been ongoing for some time. The Parish Council felt that the Traffic Action Group is best placed to take the issue forward. David has some experience and feels it is a waste of the group’s time to try to take this forward. He explained that the Soar is a critical main river and it would involve a major civil engineering project that is unlikely to be undertaken. There was some discussion, Jim had done his own survey and found that 300 vehicles an hour come to Bridge Street from the direction of Sileby at peak times. David did think that we may be able to achieve some re-phrasing of the traffic lights on Bridge Street when Slash Lane is inaccessible. This would improve the flow of the traffic along Sileby Road. The contact would be Matthew Lugg, Director of Highways at LCC. Wendy to write to him.

The Parish Council was asked if a deputy could attend our meetings if Brian is not available. They will try; Lesley has come to the meeting today.

Re overlapping issues with other action groups, it is up to the groups to coordinate and discuss issues.

Re the issue of why more money had been awarded to the Business Group, the Parish Council were not prepared to discuss other group’s awards; however the implication was that the business group did not receive any funds from the Parish Plan steering group.

5. Community Speedwatch:

Debbie has had contact with Mike Wilson; the scheme will go ahead as soon as possible. There are some things we need to do, we need a minimum of 200 signatures to support the scheme. Everyone at the meeting took a copy of the appropriate form away and will get as many signatures as possible.

Mike had given Debbie some dates when he is available for training. The majority opted for Thursday 8th February, this will be at the Parish Council Room between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Wendy to confirm the details with Mike.

Debbie also had some information about a speed limit to be imposed on Cotes Road of 40 mph. This will be from the village boundary to the Walton Lane turn and Walton as far as Bandalls Lane.

6. Map and Top Ten Issues:

We now have several maps; Colin has provided an Ordnance Survey map which shows the approach roads into the village. We have a map form the Barrow Signpost showing the new development and David has provided a very detailed map. Thanks to all concerned, this should enable us to take issues forward.

Everyone took away the Signpost map for consideration before the next meeting.

7. Funds:

We still need a treasurer, Ian kindly volunteered. He will take action to open a bank account.

The Volunteering Funding Toolkit was mentioned, Wendy to apply for funds for the group.

8. Advertising the Group:

Sue gave details of where the activities of the group have been advertised. This includes the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter which is delivered to all properties in the village, the Rural Trader and the Parish Magazine. We will ensure an article appears in the next edition of the Barrow Voice and the Loughborough Echo the week before the next meeting.

9. A.O.B.

Lesley informed the meeting that Humphrey Perkins High School are in the process of putting together a School Travel Plan, specifically looking at congestion at exit times.

10. Date and place of next meeting:

The next meeting will be at the Bishop Beveridge club on Tuesday 20 February at 7.30 p.m.

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