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Archive: Update from BRAG: August 2011

Update from BRAG: August 2011

Jelson's proposal to build about 300 homes on land off Melton Road

Barrow Voice readers will be aware of Jelson Ltd proposal to build 300 homes on land they own off Melton Road. Their first application was refused by Charnwood Borough Council CBC) planning committee in March 2010. The refusal was based on nine points of objection, six of which were traffic and highways related issues. Jelson then re-submitted their application in Summer 2010 but have faced requests for detailed information on their proposal to mitigate the highways impact of their proposal. This request has come from Leicestershire County Council (LCC) who is the highways authority. CBC will not consider the resubmitted application until the highways authority has made its assessment.

Recently, Jelson , through their transport consultants, have submitted a detailed response to LCC on the effect on village highways caused by an additional 300 homes. These proposals are focussed on the capacity of the traffic light controlled bridge over the River Soar onBridge Streetand other measures to reduce car traffic. The developer accepts that an additional 300 homes in the village would produce an increase in the use of the village highways. The question is, can the effects on the highways be mitigated?

Below is an outline of the new proposals from Jelson which they claim will mitigate the effects of the development on village traffic:

1. SoarBridge

It is proposed that the distance between the STOP lines on the signalled controlled bridge over the River Soar would be moved closer together. They submit that this would reduce the time during which no traffic can cross the bridge.

A new computerised system – MOVA – Microprocessor Operated Vehicle Actuation system would be installed to control the traffic lights on the bridge.

The developer claims that these two measures, taken together will '' increase the efficiency of the bridge to the extent that additional traffic generated by the development would be mitigated''

2. Alternatives to car use.

Jelsons consultant's analysis shows that '' the site (between Melton Roadand the train lines) is within easy walking distance of a range of facilities''

''Furthermore, residents would benefit from significant opportunities to use public transport'' and ''there is a comprehensive network of useable pedestrian routes between the site and key facilities in the village.'' The developer would provide the sum of £20,000 to upgrade existing pedestrian routes.

3 . Flooding

The developer proposes no works to affect the flooding onSlash Lanebut proposes the provision of electronic message boards to inform motorists of the closure ofSlash Lane, to allow them to choose an alternative route.

4.Travel Plan

This includes free travel passes on public transport for new residents and the provision and appointment of a Community Travel Plan Coordinator, for five years, available to new and existing residents to provide help and advice if they wish to use the different types of public transport and other transport opportunities that are available.

More details are available on the Charnwood Borough Council website planning portal. The reference number of the plan is: P/10/1518/2

What is your view on these proposals?

Write to:

a) Neil Thompson,
Planning Department,
Charnwood Borough Council,
Leics. LE11 2TN

b) Transportation and Highways Department,
Leicestershire County Council,
LeicesterLE3 8RA

c) Write to your Borough councillors for Barrow, Councillors Hilary Fryer and Pauline Ranson at Charnwood Borough Council as above.

d) Write to BRAG on e.mail:
Alan Willcocks,
Barrow Residents Action Group (BRAG)

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