Minutes Sept 15th 2014

Minutes of BUSCA Trustees Meeting Monday 15th September 7.30 Community Lounge


  1. Apologies: Sue R, Ted R, Anne P, Graham H, Mike C, Chris B, Diane T, Val G, Frances T, Pauline R, Maureen G, Liz Stevens.

    Present: Brian T, Betty T, Carol W, Craig J, Ginnie W, Ceri F, David R, Judith R, Judith S, Ann H, Peter Nutkins, Alan W. We also welcomed Juliet Slaughter (non Trustee) julietslaughter@gmail.com
  2. Minutes of the Trustees’ meeting on 2nd June 2014 (following AGM) Judith proposed that they be accepted. All in favour
  3. 3.Matters arising
    1. Charities do not need to register with Data Protection. However, we do need to handle personal data carefully and with safeguards.
    2. Apologies from Peter about the failure of HPS to supply wifi for the BUSCA evening.
  4. Community Centre report
    1. Meeting between HPS and BUSCA re new hire arrangements. Peter outlined the reasons why the new hire charges needed to be raised. It has been against the law for rather a long time to spend money intended to be used for children’s education on propping up community activities. Auditing and scrutiny are especially tight now and the new charges reflect the actual costs to HPS.
      Judith summarized the conclusions of the meeting:
  • a) BUSCA qualifies for the 40% discount. Even so, Hall will now cost £48 for 2 hours (last year: £29) Arts Theatre: £33.60 (last year £29).
  • b) We will be allowed to set up on a Friday afternoon eg for a Panto Show or a dance without charge as long as we are independent of the   caretakers.
  • c) We can have free use of the lounge and kitchen providing there isn’t another body who wants those and who would pay the full price. If this did arise, we would be notified and given the option to continue our use but pay for it.
  • d) We are not required to give the new non-returnable deposit
  • e) Trustees continue to use the Community Lounge free for the moment, as long as it isn’t required by a full-payer.
  • f) We can continue to use the bar and panto store as before.

    ii) New approach with the Premises Officer team: 4 full timers who will be expected to operate the evening and weekend rota. This way, hirers will have the benefit of fully trained and accountable regulars. Ie Relief caretakers are being phased out.

    iii) Flat roofs are being repaired…in term time because cheaper! Alex will give us warning if one of our bookings is threatened with access problems while the work is done.

    iv) Already having conflict with residents over parking issues particularly while there is restricted parking.
  1. 5. Report from Library working party
  • Conclusions after 2 BUSCA library meetings and 2 Parish Council library meetings: BUSCA and Parish Council wish to work together to keep Barrow library open.
  • BUSCA vision: to form Community Partnership with LCC and perhaps with PC to keep the library open and operating at least at the same level as now. We hope to collect a big pool of volunteers and employ a part time volunteer manager paid for by the PC via grants to BUSCA taken out of the S 137 pot.
  • We will run a public meeting on Tuesday Oct 14th from 7.00 in the Methodist Hall. This is aimed at anyone who is interested. We will describe our hopes and where we have got to. We aim to get volunteers and a Steering Committee out of the meeting. The Steering Committee would be a sub-group of BUSCA and would have at least 2 Trustees and 2 Parish Councillors.
  • The PC vision parallels the above but the PC may not legally be allowed to take part in the Community Partnership because it doesn’t have Power of Competency. The PC hopes to buy the library eventually and develop it/enlarge it(?) to create public toilets, a meeting room and perhaps move the PC office into
  • The LCC won’t now make a decisions about their library proposals until after 19th Nov.
  • We have a meeting booked with the Head of Library Service, Nigel Thomas shortly. We will be asking for reassurance that BUSCA wouldn’t be risking its continued existence if plans went badly wrong.
  • Brian T thanked the group for all their work on this project. He proposed that Trustees fully support the recommendations of the Library working group. Seconded by Betty. All in favour.
  • Peter offered his support on behalf of HPS. He said that if the village needed a space for a library, he would want to offer temporary space as a stop gap. He also suggested that school can help to advertise the meeting both to students and parents.
  1. 6. Business relating to the CIO
  • David reported that he has more or less completed what needs to be done: insurance done.
  • He is gradually migrating money from Lloyds into Unity Trust but will leave both open for some time.
  1. 7. BUSCA membership report and issues
  • About 30 new members were made at the July Street Market (mostly on the back of likely involvement in keeping the library open). During the market, various suggestions were made:
  • i) Could organizations become members? Judith R proposed yes: £5.00 with one vote and one contact. Seconded by Judith S. All in favour.
  • ii) Could there be family membership. Judith R proposed No (it’s already very cheap). All in favour
  • iii) Could there be business membership? Judith R proposed Yes with £5 and one vote, one contact. Seconded by Judith S all in favour.
  • iv) Should there be perks? Alan propsed not (it’s not the right ethos) (and it isn’t workable). Seconded by David. All in favour.
  • Encouraging members of BUSCA groups to become members: Judith S has taken booklets and application forms for BYAG. Ginnie has taken for Heritage Group. Ask Val/Sue to take for Twinning. Ask Sue to take for NBC.
  1. 8. Treasurer's report
  • David went through the accounts to date explaining some of the entries.
  • There is a discrepancy concerning membership subs which is entered as £200. We only have about 60 members which would generate approx. £135. The balance must be from sales of drinks and Lucky Dip at the street market.
  • Brian T proposed that the accounts be accepted. Seconded by Alan. All in favour and thanks to David.
  1. 9. Progress and further discussion on Special Projects
  • Walks Leaflet 2 is completed. Thanks to Mulberry Square for help. It cost £1434 but we have received £670 from advertisers in it so actual cost was £764. We budgeted £2500.
  • Walks Leaflet 1 Judith asked for approval to update and reprint this on the same basis. Same quote of about £1500. It also has some advertising potential. Judith proposed update. Seconded by Alan W. All in favour.
  • Adult Fossil Trail: we only have about 25 copies left. Estimated budget is £800 for 4,000. Brian proposed and Ann H seconded. All in favour.
  • New BUSCA website. John Nurse has offered to do this for free including adding Paypal facilities. Agreed to accept his kind offer. Small team of Brian, Craig and Judith to look at content and functionality. Aim to keep it linked to the village website but have a much easier site to navigate that is modern and more in keeping with what people expect.
  • All in favour.
  • Craig offered specifically to help in the design to incorporate our familiar logo. Thanks to all.
  1. 10. Reports from BUSCA subcommittees
  • Barrow Voice: new edition out: much praised. We are significantly down on advertisers and need to address this.
  • Events: Betty: Dance on 3rd Oct, Murder Mystery on Oct 11th, Dance on Nov 15th, Barrow’s Got Variety on Nov 22nd, Switch on of Christmas Lights with street market on Dec 6th. So, busy.
  • Heritage: Ginnie: Projects include Church memorials in a booklet for which some financing will be needed; village farms; Charnwood Roots project for which they await training to read historical documents.

New Community Building:

  • Alan fund raising continues site identification (a year was wasted on the Sileby Rd site) investigations with Charnwood Planning of two sites seeking a strong evidence base: is there a real need for this in Barrow? The group is hoping that the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire will provide this hence the NHW advert from BUSCA.
  • A planning consultant has been approached and may be involved in helping the group move forward.

Panto Group and Youth Theatre:

  • Youth Theatre has currently 12 members who will host the forthcoming Barrow’s Got Variety show on Nov 22nd. We have just found a potential Musical Director so we are hopeful that the group will return to full form in a junior musical next autumn.
  • Panto starts rehearsals very shortly for Aladdin.

Twinning: Ginnie: Very successful exchange to France last June. There are events shortly: petanque evening, quiz night, theatre trip

Website administrators: on-going work to maintain the 3 sites.

Youth Action Group: Nothing to report.

(BOSCAPS): Carol: numbers down slightly probably because money is tighter. There is no need for a BUSCA subsidy. A new trip was very popular. No further discussions yet on BUSCA membership.

  1. Barrow’s Neighbourhood Plan: Alan: Look at the Barrow Focus page for further information. The questionnaire will be launched at a public meeting on Tues 30th Sept from 5.30 – 9.00 at the Methodist Hall. It is hoped that a high proportion of residents will complete.
  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection: Judith S: We will probably be advised to change to a different administration body for the checking. Marlene Reid doesn’t seem to be coping and is expensive. Ask Diane: she works in this field.
  1. 13. AOB

i) Betty will represent BUSCA at the Remembrance Day Service on Sun 9th Nov at Holy Trinity Church

  1. 14. Date of next meeting: Tues 18th November


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