Minutes Feb 24th 2015

Minutes of  BUSCA Trustees Meeting  Tues Feb 24th 7.30  Community Lounge

1. Apologies: Chris Bates, Peter Nutkins, Craig Johnstone, Ginnie Willcocks, Frances Thompson

Present: Betty T, Pauline R, Carol W, Brian T, Anne P, Maureen G, Ann H, Mike C, Graham H, Ted R, Sue R, Alan W, David R, Judith R, Ceri F, Val G, Diane T

2. Minutes of the Trustees’ meeting on 18th Nov   2014: accepted as a true record

3. Matters arising         

i)     Names for BUSCA for Unity Trust Bank have been done
ii)    Heritage Group is no longer doing a booklet of Church Memorials
iii)   Trustee’s minutes now on the busca website.

4. Community Centre report 

BOSCAPS: Carol: Alison and Sue Higton have another meeting with Peter tomorrow to discuss the £3800 quoted cost to run BOSCAPS this summer.
The BOSCAPS committee is looking at reducing the programme and at applying for new grants (??)
Trustees proposed full support to BOSCAPS, including bringing BOSCAPS into BUSCA. The terms would be as follows:
      BOSCAPS to undertake to get an annual set of accounts to BUSCA in time for audit.
      One trustee on the BOSCAPS committee
      Evidence of adequate insurance
      Evidence of an appropriate  Safeguarding policy
      Otherwise no “interference” from BUSCA.
All agreed to support this proposal.
Benefits to BOSCAPS: part of a CIO so personal financial responsibility removed; could benefit from the new DBS checking arrangement with Diane (£10 per person?)
Being part of a registered charity would probably help with grants.

 5. Treasurer’s Report: David

David went through the annual accounts 2014, explaining bits and bobs. There has been a net decrease in the General funds of £2173, reflecting how expensive insurance is.
Sue proposed a vote of thanks. Carried unanimously.

 6. Draft Annual Report 2014 and Forward Plan 2015  including an element of reporting on the subgroups to date

Small amendments noted plus the entire omission of the Twinning report etc.
These will be rectified so that the document can be ready for the  AGM

 7.      Library:

i)    Update from BUSCA Library Committee: This project is in a completely different category from anything that BUSCA has ever done before. It involves a quite new set of responsibilities. However, the support from the LCC Library Service has been superb and VAL has also provided very good training sessions.
The Registration of Interest has been submitted and accepted. We are working on an Outline Business Plan, due to be submitted by March 13th.
We are ahead of the game.
The Library Management Committee is up and running and will take over more and more responsibility.
Barrow PC has resolved to precept £17,000 for 2015/16 for the running etc of the library.

 ii)   Report from BUSCA Trustee representative on Library Management Committee (Brian and Ceri) Nothing this time but the item needs to be a fixture on the agenda

8.      Discussion on Special Projects 15

  • BOSCAPS to be underwritten up to £500 as usual
  • Christmas Lights to be budgeted at £500
  • Continue to support the work of the New Community Building committee
  • Produce a new print of Walk 1 leaflet
  • Continue to work towards taking over Barrow’s Community Library via a Community Partnership with the LCC and financial and moral support from the Parish Council
  • Support website administrators is finding a solution to the disappearance of the leicestershirevillages site and Heritage sites

9.      BUSCA membership report and issues (Diane)

Diane clarified that we are not asking for a renewal of subscriptions for the new members that mostly joined in July 14. When we do move to the next membership year, we will change the colour of the membership cards.
It was agreed that we should enable membership to be paid by Paypal since this facility has proved to be popular.
We need another push on membership enrolment from the members of the following sub-groups:
Heritage, NCB, Twinning. Judith will email out the membership form (it needs to be updated to include Paypal payments)
Will we be able to sell membership via the library in future?
Diane will look at devising a prize available to new members.

 10.  Report on Safeguarding and Child Protection (Val)

Abi Crossley has her qualifications for safeguarding of children. She is now the  Child Protection Officer for the Youth Theatre and Panto.
Val is looking at refresher courses for herself.
The library is looking at safeguarding policies for vulnerable adults and children that would be appropriate for library procedure. However, it was pointed out that Panto also has a vulnerable adult amongst its members and so BUSCA needs to encompass this in our Safeguarding policy.  DBS is being considered for library volunteers but as we know, most won’t be working in a regulated situation and therefore won’t qualify to have a DBS done.

11. AGM: June 3rd, in the library. 7.00. The agenda needs to be prepared before April 27th then Diane will email notification to members. David: the agenda needs to include the winding up of the old charity. He will sort wording.

12. AOB : none


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