Minutes Nov 18th 2014

Minutes of BUSCA Trustees’ Meeting Tues 18th November 7.30 Parish Council Office

  1. Apologies: Anne P, Maureen G, Chris B, Mike C, Peter N, Betty T, Carol W

    Present: Ginnie W, Ann H, Diane T, Judith S, Alan W, Ted R, Graham H, Brian T, Sue R, Frances T, Ceri F, Val G, Craig J,
    David R, Judith R
  2. Minutes of the Trustees’ meeting on 15th Sept 2014   Judith S proposed they be accepted; Val 2nded. All in favour.
  3. Matters arising including
  • New BUSCA website. Thanks to John especially and also to Brian. Agreed that Judith will arrange a thank you bottle of wine as a token of our appreciation. Craig commented that it will take at least 3 months for the site to start appearing properly via Google. Everyone needs to help keep it up to date by emailing news of events to Judith so it can be added.
  • Facebook is now getting lots of hits but that too needs several people to help keep it fresh by emailing Diane with posts.
  1. Community Centre report None. Judith understands that the meeting between HPS and BOSCAPS did not achieve any relaxing of the costs.
  2. Treasurer’s Report including Reserves projection
  • No figures available as there is still work to be done banking, recording etc.
  • The reserves projection is £5407 of un-allocated funds.
  • The Adult Fossil trail is about to be printed and this will bring Reserves down to about £4,607. Agreed re Adult Fossil Trail that Sue R will provide some facts/text about the new fossil ammonite at the Sileby Rd entrance to the village to be added to the leaflet.
  • October’s Murder Mystery raised about £600 for BUSCA.
  • For information: David and Judith R will sign an authorization for Unity Trust Bank to accept a wide variety of other names than Barrow upon Soar Community Association.(wording is attached to these minutes)
  • Heritage Group are planning a booklet for the Church memorials. This has cost implications. Ginnie to ask Kathryn for an estimate or actual quote. Put on next agenda.

  1. Report from BUSCA Library Committee
  • Adoption of proposed model for operation of Barrow Library (Paper enclosed) Discussion: Ted proposed motion: the wording of the proposed model should be changed to allow for a voluntary manager of volunteers. There was no seconder. David proposed that the trustees accept the wording of the model as it stands. Brian seconded. Majority in favour with one abstention (Ted) Graham H proposed that the name manager of volunteers is altered to co-ordinator of volunteers. (to lessen ambiguity). 2nded by Brian. All in favour. Graham proposed a vote of thanks to all the BUSCA Trustees who have worked so hard on this project. All in favour.
  • BUSCA Trustee representation on Library Management Committee Judith proposed Ceri Fairbrother. All in favour. David proposed Brian Tetley. All in favour.
  • Clarification of roles: BUSCA Library Committee will form the partnership between BUSCA and the LCC. Trustees will be ultimately responsible for seeing that the Service level agreement is adhered to. BUSCA Library Committee will also appoint the Co-ordinator of Volunteers and Trustees will be responsible for the contract etc. BUSCA Library Committee will negotiate a servive level agreement with Barrow Parish Council. The Library Management Committee will see to it that the service level agreements are achieved including by supporting the Co-ordinator in his/her role.

  • BUSCA membership report and issues
    Very few new members since the July Street Fair. Diane reminded Trustees to ask the non-members of their various sub-groups to join. This particularly applies to Heritage, Twinning and Youth Action. Diane will explore the notion of a prize available to new members. Agreed that new members made recently get membership until Jan 2016. Diane requested that the BUSCA Trustee’s minutes are posted on the new website. (Judith)
  1. Progress and further discussion on Special Projects
  • Adult Fossil Trail: ready apart from additions about the new sculpture Walks leaflet No 1 will be worked on later in the year. Website achieved.
  1. Reports from BUSCA subcommittees Barrow Voice:

  • Christmas edition is on its way. Craig thinks the content is outstanding. Well done!
  • Events: Betty: A successful dance in November. Christmas dance bookeds for Dec 20th.
  • Heritage: Ginnie: Currently working on farms
  • New Community Building: Sue: group is working on 3 sites. The group is talking to a fund-raiser. And a session is booked with a Planning Consultant who takes no charges until there is a successful project.
  • Panto Group and Youth Theatre: Ceri: Barrow’s Got Variety is happening next Saturday. Involves a lot of youngsters as well as oldsters! Twinning: Sue: A visit by residents of Marans is planned for end June. Also a quiz is imminent with a theatre visit in January.
  • Website administrators: Judith: The team of 4 administrators has agreed to take on the new BUSCA website as well.
  • Youth Action Group: Judith will carry on with her activities but she will no longer be a trustee. The group will need a new Trustee on its committee. Judith was thanked for all her work for BUSCA.
  • (BOSCAPS): Alison declined to have a meeting with BUSCA. Her meeting with HPHS has not resulted in any softening of the HPHS costings.
  1. Barrow’s Neighbourhood Plan report
    Sue: Early results showed the following comments about a new community building: 26% essential 57% desirable 16% not needed Questionnaires are still dribbling in.
  2. Safeguarding and Child Protection: Judith S Judith S is stepping down as a trustee at the end of this year. So she will no longer be the Child Protection Officer. Val G offered take over as BUSCA’s CPO. She has received training when she was a Hall Orchard Governor. This was proposed by Ann H. All in favour. She may need to do a refresher course: she will check whether she needs a refresher course via Every Child Matters website. She has been CPO for both Youth Theatre and Panto. Currently, Abi Crossley is CPO for Youth Theatre. (Abi has had all the training as part of her Nursery Nurses training). Judith S recommends that we stop using Marlene Reid who have become increasingly inefficient and are costly. She suggests we move to using DDC (Due Diligence Checking). This the firm for which Diane works. Each volunteer costs £10 + VAT; paid worker costs £44 + £10. Proposed by Judith R that we employ DDC in future for our DBS checks. All in favour. Diane agreed to take on the checking role. All gratefully in favour. She will need a payment of £10 + VAT as soon as the 1st check is done (by BACS). Diane thinks that the DBS service wouldn’t allow a check for all library volunteers. Someone needs to check the policy (who? Which policy?) Thanks to Judith S for her work as CPO for the past 5 years.
  3. Annual report 2014, Forward Plan 2015 David had wanted to discuss reducing this further but in hi absence it was decided to produce the usual (ie max of one page per sub-group) Sue: NCB and Twinning; Ceri Panto; Gaynor BV; Heritage Kathryn; website Me; Bar David; Events Betty; YAG Judith S? Aim to email your bit to Judith before Friday Feb 13th please.
  4. AOB
  1. BUSCA activity at Christmas Street Market: BUSCA Lucky Dip and membership stall: Maureen 2.30 – 3.30; Sue Preston 3.30 – 4.30; Craig: 3.30 – 4.30
  2. Christmas Tree Festival: Maureen Busca; Ceri for Panto; Gaynor and Val for BV.
  3. Twinning initiative to set up exchange links with HPHS: Sue reported that there has been no response from HPHS about the twinning initiative with a Marans School including no acknowledgment to the other school. Someone to investigate?
  1. Date of next meeting: Tues 24th February 7.30. Where?

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