Library Management Committee

To manage Barrow Community Partnership Library

            Chair: Brian Tetley

            Vice Chair: Keith Butler

            Secretary: David Ashling

            Trustee representative: Ceri Fairbrother

            Parish Council representative: Ted Rodgers

            Coordinator of Volunteers: Angeline Kazianis

            Other members: Debra Allen, Catherine Holmes, Bill Perkins, Judith Rodgers, Frances Thompson, Alan Willcocks

The role of the Library Management Committee includes the following:

  • Support the Co-ordinator of Volunteers

  • Promote the library with residents of Barrow and surrounding area

  • Oversee the book stock supplied by LCC and inter library loan scheme

  • Oversee internet provision and computers, printing and copying facilities

  • Ensure that the library is an attractive, welcoming and clean environment

  • Ensure that the volunteer librarians are friendly and effective

  • Make sure that the library best serves the needs of young people

  • Manage the full use of the library facilities outside library hours

  • Provide a venue for display of local activities and develop a focal hub for information

Policy Documents

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